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Teachers’ pay. Background. State school teachers are employed by Local Education Authorities or the governing bodies of their schools, but their pay and conditions.

Upper pay spine. The criteria for teachers moving from the main to upper. in all elements of the relevant teacher standards;. visit early years leadership and.

Teacher pay scale information. The salary of a teacher depends on position, experience and location, with rates of pay differing across England and Wales, Inner London, Outer London and the Fringe Area. Headteachers, Deputy Headteachers and Assistant Headteachers are salaried on the leadership pay range.

Pay Scales. Update NJC for Local Government Workers Pay Negotiations for December 2017. Word 2010, 16kb/1 page, 12/12/2017, njc_local_government_workers_pay_negotiations_dec2017.docx. Teachers Pay Award – September 2017. Word 2010, 44kb/1 page, 15/09/2017, teachers_pay_award_september_2017.

Salary National Insurance contributions increases from April 2016. With 2016 now upon us, many HE institutions are in the process of preparing for a range of changes.

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– Teachers Paid on the Leadership Pay Spine – All Other Teachers – Process 8 8 8 9 10. SCHOOL PAY POLICY – Updated September 2013 Introduction

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Principal / Head Teacher. Leadership. Salary: Band 3, spine point 8 Full Time Salary £18,747.00. Ark Support Staff Pay Scale (Inner London), Band 5, Points.

Unqualified Teacher Pay Range Scale – Inner London. £. 1. 20,495. 2. 22,387. 3. 24,282. 4. 26,177. 5. 28,071. 6. 29,969. Teachers with Leadership posts (head teacher, deputy & assistant head teachers. (see appendix 5). 18. The pay ranges for the head teacher, deputy head teacher[s] and assistant head teacher[s] will be.

Pay Determination for existing main scale teachers effective from September 2013. 15. 3.2.2. Pay Determination for existing. (ISR) for the Headteacher Leadership Pay range and for other staff on the. Leadership Pay Spine and decide where leadership group members should be placed on these. • To consider difficult.

Our core focus is ensuring that our schools, our College of Further Education and other education support services are staffed with the best available teachers, lecturers, learning support assistants and other staff.

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Details of how to calculate the group size can be found in Section 2 (Paragraphs 5-11) of the School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD) and the current group size can be checked with the Schools' HR team. It is based on the January school roll number. The Leadership Pay Spine (doc format, 30KB) shows.

The rules for determining the pay of teachers in maintained schools are set out in the School. The mandatory leadership pay spine points found in the STPCD.

Sep 20, 2016. The Headteacher/Principal is also asked to agree performance objectives with other teachers on the leadership spine, review those objectives annually and report on the outcome of that review to this Committee in time for the annual review of salaries of those teachers. The Pay Policy should be read in.

Information about school leader's pensions and pay, including progression, appraisal, pay scales and negotiations.

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Qualified teacher pay scales, unqualified teacher pay scales and leadership pay scales for 2014 – 2015.

From September 2014 progression up the range will be based purely on performance. The expectation in the STPCD is that teachers will move up the scale as their careers progress, but only if their performance meets the criteria set in the school's pay and performance appraisal policies. Schools' pay policies need to make.

For teachers not on the leadership pay spine schools will have the freedom from 1 September 2013 to pay salaries that are not aligned to spine points and so only.

Jan 9, 2017. REASON FOR CHANGE. 1. 1/3/16. 2. 27/5/16. NJC Pay Awards. 3. 30/8/16. Teachers Pay Award. 4. 12/10/16. Soulbury Pay Award. 5. 30/11/16. Add Apprentice Pay Rate and revised London. Living Wage. SENIOR LEADERSHIP PAY BANDS. NJC OFFICERS RATES – OUTER LONDON PAY SPINE.

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Sep 1, 2016. LEADERSHIP PAY. Headteacher/Deputy & Assistant's Pay range and Performance pay. The pay of teachers on the leadership scale need only be reviewed when there are significant changes to responsibilities* (see Appendix 4 for further explanation on school group sizes/ head pay ranges etc.).

Point 1 Sept 07 1 Sept 08 L1 £34,938 £35,794 L2 £35,814 £36,692 L3 £36,708 £37,608 L4 £37,623 £38,545 L5 £38,559 £39,504 L6 £39,525 £40,494

Governing boards are also responsible for determining a pay policy for the school in line with the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD). This is set out in.

principals' pay. This had caused difficulty when the first group of teachers had passed through the threshold procedure and were paid on the first point of the Upper. Pay Scale (UPS). The pay differentials between these teachers and those on the. Leadership Pay Spine (principals and vice principals) had been reduced. 3.

5, Teachers Main Scale – West Berkshire Pay Policy, Spinal Point, Annual Salary, Supply Rate, Overtime Rate. 36, Leading Practioner, Leadership. 15, Upper Pay Scale. 16, 1, 35571, 28.1194, 20.9902. 17, 2, 36889, 29.1613, 21.7679. 18, 3 , 38250, 30.2372, 22.5711. 19. 20, Upper Pay Scale + 1 SEN, SEN 1, 2085.

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“What we presume is the driver is sick, just like a teacher who wakes up sick and calls in,” said. “Every minute she’s late to work, she’s being docked pay. Parents can’t miss work to take their kids to school and driving them every day.

Salaries are paid on the unqualified, main, upper, leading practitioner or leadership pay ranges. Allowances (eg, Fringe, Teaching and Learning responsibility, SEN, recruitment and retention) can also be paid depending on the contractual requirements of the role. The schools pay policy should set out the criteria for these.

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Annual hrly. Leadership. Annual. M1. 1. £26,139.00. £20.62. L1. 1. £42,077.00. M2. 2. £27,759.00. £21.90. L2. 2. £43,055.00. M3. 3. £29,477.00. £23.26. L3. 3. £ 44,049.00. L41. 41. £107,187.00. L42. 42. £109,789.00. L43. 43. £111,346.00. September 2016 rates. Applies to Bexley and Stewart Fleming. Upper pay scale.

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Pay structure for qualified teachers in Oldham schools under the authority of the LEA for 2015-2016. Note that pay scale points M2-M5 and U2 are not now mandatory points

New SFC Pay Framework and Governance. Pay progression for all teachers linked to. New Leadership Spine

TEACHERS PAY RATE 2014-15 for England & Wales. APPENDIX 3. FROM SEPTEMBER 2014. LEADERSHIP. LEADERSHIP. MPS. 1. 38,125. 40. 99,552. 1. 19,889. TLR 3 – Time Limited. 21. 62,521. 4. 21,766. Maximum. 2,525. 22. 64,074. 5. 23,644. Minimum. 505. 23. 65,661. 6. 25,520. 24. 67,290. TLR Scale. 25.

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They also issued a letter to schools outlining the Upper Pay Scale progression arrangements from September 2017 which included: Guidance on UPS2 and application form · TR268 (UPS2) · Guidance on UPS3 and application form.

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Programs that Support Students, Teachers, and Families SAMSAT will reinforce the work of area schools. Our upcoming activities include: After-School Programs.

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Teacher Pay Scales. This page outlines the basic salary scales for all teachers and support staff. Please click on the links below to download the documents.

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