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They might be seen walking their dog in the middle of the day, but chances are they’re going back home to grade papers or prepare. who on his blog.

Alexander (“X” to friends and teachers) Hankel, also of Norwich. “Check your emotions: What is your first reaction? Determine purpose of what you’re.

Sixth-grade science students. “They’re creating a website blog and updating it every time there is an earthquake. Anyone can log in and see any earthquake.

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May 29, 2013. Hey y'all! You may know me from my first teaching blog, Life in First Grade. Since I'm changing from first grade to fifth grade, I thought it only fitting to start a brand new blog, devoted entirely to upper elementary ideas. I am so excited about teaching fifth grade and I can't wait to share ideas with all of y'all.

Among this year’s World Marathon Challenge runners is Cara Nelson, a social studies teacher. seventh-grade homeroom attempting to complete a full.

Find third grade teaching ideas, resources and inspiration from other teachers in your grade level. Here is a collection of third grade teaching blogs. And below you.

SO. if you have been like me, spending the last couple of weeks in back-to- school trainings, in-service meetings, Meet the Teacher events, and setting up an entire classroom, then hopefully this blog post will help you with filling in some of your first week lesson plans! The first week is always (and should be!) filled with lots.

Odds and ends from a First Grade classroom and more.including teacher tips, activities, and downloads!

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Among this year’s World Marathon Challenge runners is Cara Nelson, a social studies teacher. seventh-grade homeroom attempting to complete a full.

No more of that “homework” my son had in kindergarten and first grade. isn’t how second grade science dioramas get built. They get built by parents. I know.

Take a look at our free first grade math resources. Free sample 1st grade sample lessons you can try.

Jan 22, 2018. Blogs:Role Models. These are adjectives parent April Gill used to describe her child's first grade teacher, William Cave, when she recommended him for a Central Penn Parent Terrific Teacher shout-out. Cave has been teaching first grade at the Covenant Christian Academy in Harrisburg for 12 years.

Aug 3, 2015. Editor's Note: Samantha McBurney – Mrs. M. to her students – is in her first year as a first grade teacher at Francis J. Varieur Elementary School in Pawtucket, Thanks to endless hours scouring Pinterest and the blogs of so many creative teachers who give me classroom envy, I found the idea of putting a.

Welcome to Irene B. West Elementary School. Irene B. West Elementary truly provides a unique and wonderful educational experience for children, from.

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First Grade Blogs. Shoutout to 26 Awesome K-12 Teacher Blogs The Lesson Plan Diva: This self proclaimed diva is an energetic educator who loves sharing her teaching resources. Her blog is filled with freebies that are ready for instant download, along with resources that are available for purchase. She is constantly.

In this blog post, I share the story of my most epic teacher ever. PBL. But first, I want to share a story from when I was a student. My Most Memorable Learning Experience Wasn’t a Worksheet This is me in the 8th grade. I was a.

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Mar 23, 2014  · I’m sure you have, or at least read them to your class, but in my search for activities to do to help my kids with opinion writing, I came upon some.

As a first-grade teacher at Pepperhill Elementary. one of the most popular.

Wonder. Calling all 3rd-6th grade teachers! #ChooseKind in your classrooms this school year with the “Certified Kind” Classroom program! Enter NOW for a chance to.

Weihe, better known in the community as “Anonymous Mommy,” the name of her blog, has been outspoken against the. seen the impact that his actions have had on our teachers.The First Amendment is a fundamental building block.

May 30, 2015. In this post, I'll take you through the components of a balanced literacy block for first grade, provide sample schedules, and share scheduling tips. This is because we read each text multiple times (first time for comprehension and enjoyment, and additional times for teaching points like “Look for a chunk of.

first-grade and special-education teachers. Co-teachers need a common vocabulary and mindset for collaborating to create a dynamic learning.

We then had our 2nd grade teachers and curriculum writers test the protocol. And, if you missed any of the highlights from the first six years of this blog, you.

Teachers Pay Teachers screengrab Seven years ago, when Erica Bohrer, a first-grade teacher from Long Island, New York, started selling her lesson plans on the website Teachers Pay Teachers, she just wanted to make a few extra.

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Nov 5, 2016. Don't be misled by the name – Kristen Smith from A Day in First Grade is teaching kindergarten these days and her Instagram feed is filled with Montessori and Reggio inspired activities. Kristen. If you are on the blog reading this post right now, you definitely want to follow Kinder Craze on Instagram.

Kindergarten Mrs. Bennett – Room 5 Follow Mrs. Bennett’s Class on Instagram (FHroom5) Ms. Keefe – Room 4 Mrs. Levesque – Room 1 Ms. Miele – Room 7 Grade 1 Mrs.

The Library of Congress offers classroom materials and professional development to help teachers effectively use primary sources from the Library’s vast digital.

That food was used for an eight grade spring dance. Hundreds of dollars are spent on. The school department is currently conducting the first round of interviews.

So, I learned a few things today as a teacher. 1. Personal, real life experiences make learning about certain subjects more accessible for students.

Latest Ideas from the Blog. a day in first. Take “A Day in First Grade” home to your classroom. Visit our. You have enough to do as a teacher, here you'll find an assortment of downloadable packets that allow you to take the ideas and concepts you'll read about on our site and put them into practice in your own classroom!

Every year the kindergarten teachers give their students the DRA or Diagnostic Reading Assessment before they leave for the summer. So using that information , I created some dynamic grouping for the Fall. One thing I have noticed after teaching first grade for 17 years is that the students stay pretty close to that level when.

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May 8, 2014. You just finished an overload of sensory and cognitive experiences. Now you are going to refine them and put them to use. You're in first grade! Why is first grade so important? This is where it all starts! It's not just an introduction or first step to more advanced concepts. In this grade, the fundamental building.

Aug 20, 2012. For the entire year I watched my child fall in love with school, with learning, with figuring out, and most importantly, with her first grade teacher, Ms. Miner. Meredith, who had once hated. Great blog you have here but I was curious about if you knew of any user discussion forhms that covfer the same topics.

No more of that “homework” my son had in kindergarten and first grade. isn’t how second grade science dioramas get built. They get built by parents. I know.

Playing Esmeralda in Lakeland High School’s upcoming drama production is sophomore Izabella Chmil’s first. my teachers and to Mr. (Christopher) Gatto,

First off, let me just say, "I love pretty paper!" I mean LOVE! Pretty paper and bags are two of my weaknesses. Okay, and chil.

Amanda (the smartie who made this) from First Grade Garden graciously allowed me to share a printable I made to go along with her anchor chart.

Aug 5, 2015. I took a step back from blogging because I could. I couldn't stop teaching my precious first graders. I couldn't completely neglect my home and husband. I couldn't stop preparing for my baby girl aaannnnddd I couldn't stay awake past 8 pm, so something had to give. 😉 I reluctantly chose my blog and TPT.

Context of writing. A first grade girl wrote this story. After reading William Steig’s Amos and Boris, students were prompted to write a story with an unlikely.

Latest on the Blog. Sneezy the Snowman Reading Unit for Kindergarten and First Grade is HERE!. Inferring with Primary Students: Christmas Inference Detectives Activities for Kindergarten and First-Grade Inferring with Primary Students: Kindergarten and First-Grade Inferring is an important comprehension skill for.

Hop in and find ideas and resources for your primary grade classroom.

Between first grade and his first year of high school, his family moved 10 times as his father migrated from one teaching job and superintendent. pending death.

. United States: Hey y'all-welcome to my teaching blog! I have spent the past 15 years teaching preK, first grade and second grade and absolutely LOVED each one of them! I really enjoy creating and sharing fun activities that instill a love of learning in my students & I am super excited to be teaching kindergarten this year !

Wonder. Calling all 3rd-6th grade teachers! #ChooseKind in your classrooms this school year with the “Certified Kind” Classroom program! Enter NOW for a chance to.

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