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Get this from a library! Balkan studies : biannual publication of the Institute for Balkan Studies. [Hidryma Meletōn Chersonēsou tou Haimou (Thessalonikē, Greece);]

Athens News Agency or ; Everyone wants a solution now, Alternate FM Katrougalos says German President Steinmeier hopes for an agreement at the Eurogroup

Abstract: The article is devoted to an analysis of Carpathian-Balkan studies conducted by the Russian Academy of Sciences since 2006. The Slovak tradition is an important one, as it displays characteristics which are common to the Carpathian region as a whole. Furthermore, there are a number of Carpathian- South Slavic.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) said on Friday it was planning a study to assess whether there had been an increased rate of cancer among military personnel who served in the Gulf War or Balkans, as well as among exposed.

Get this from a library! Balkan studies. [Hidryma Meletōn Chersonēsou tou Haimou (Thessalonikē, Greece);]

The Interdisciplinary Youth Team and the Institute for Balkan Studies are holding a scientific meeting for Postgraduate Students, Doctoral Candidates and. Young Researchers on the topic of “The Balkan States during World War II. (1939-1945)”. The meeting will take place in Thessaloniki on 21-22 October 2017. The aim of.

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who co-authored a study on healthcare workers’ migration from the Western Balkans. – Vicious circle – The Balkans seem to be caught in a vicious circle: while young educated professionals are driven to leave by poor economic prospects,

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Institute for Balkan Studies. The Institute for Balkan Studies (commonly referred to by its Greek initials: IMXA) came into being in March 1953 as a branch of the.

There he worked as a correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor and the Boston Globe, reporting from central Europe, the Balkans, Afghanistan. and graduated with a master’s degree in nationalism studies from Central.

Well-integrated with other units of this world-class university, our department provides a thorough preparation in its core disciplines while encouraging exploration in other fields. Our particular strengths include modern Russian literature and cinema, Balkan Studies, Slavic linguistics and West Slavic cultures (Czech and.

The International Institute for Middle-East and Balkan Studies (IFIMES) in Ljubljana, Slovenia, regularly analyses events in the Middle East and the Balkans.

Among them 60 % are from Turkey and 40% from the Balkans, Middle East, Africa and Asia. "Turkish universities help the economy in Bosnia and Herzegovina," said Ogurlu, adding "Tourists come to the country to spend few days and spend.

One person in four worldwide paid bribe during the past year while 54 per cent Indians say they greased the palms of authorities to get things done, says a study released today to mark International Anti-Corruption Day.

The Balkan Studies graduate minor is designed for M.A. or Ph.D. students in other disciplines who desire to complement their degree program with interdisciplinary.

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Jan 10, 2018. The Institute of International Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University in Prague would like to present its Master's degree programmes in English: Central European Comparative Studies and Balkan, Eurasian and Central European Studies. Balkan, Eurasian and Central European Studies.

International Symposium on Balkan History Studies Committee (UBTAS), is an academic organization whose members are national and international faculty members, researchers and executives of the organization and whose mission is academic studies on Balkan history. The purpose of UBTAS is to research the.

2nd Turkey-China Forum was organized by the joint cooperation of Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies (TASAM) and Chinese Ministry of Foreign Af.

Balkan linguistics studies the similarities in morphosyntax, semantics, vocabulary and phonology found in the Balkan standard languages, which belong to various Indo-European branches (Albanian, Greek, Romance and Slavic), as well as their regional varieties and the languages spoken by minorities in the area. is a place to share and follow research.

Balkan Studies the comprehensive scientific discipline that deals with the languages, literature, history, culture, and other problems and phenomena of social life.

BELGRADE/SARAJEVO (Reuters) – Security experts concerned that the next Islamist attack in Europe could be a Mumbai-style commando raid are looking at the Balkans as a likely. at Belgrade’s Faculty for Security Studies. In.

Scientific Board: President: Raya Zaimova. Institute of Balkan Studies and Centre of Tracology, BAS. E-mail: [email protected] Vice-president: Alexandrova, Nadezhda. Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Faculty of Slavic Studies. E- mail: [email protected] Secretary: Alexieva, Anna. Institute for.

The grant recipient will be selected by a panel of scholars based on the relevance and potential contribution of the proposed work to the fields and concerns important to Professor Kechriotis, such as the history of Ottoman non- Muslims, Greek-Ottoman relations, or Ottoman Balkan Studies. Applicants for the grant are asked.

Materials and methods. A detailed analysis of the literature related to ethnobhe uses of medicinal plants in the Balkan region was carried out. Twenty-five studies.


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Demick has previously served overseas in the Balkans, the Middle East and Asia.

The Balkans, or the Balkan Peninsula, is a geographic area in southeastern Europe with various and disputed definitions. The region takes its name from the Balkan.

Stretching, Opening or Sealing the Borders: Turkish Foreign Policy Conceptions and their Impact on Migration, Asylum and Visa Policies

Although Turkey and Israel have, since then, reached a diplomatic understanding, Tel Aviv has moved forward to create alternative allies among Balkan countries.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 1 BELGRADE – EIB Vice President Dario Scannapieco will hold a press conference in Belgrade to present bank’s 2017 results in Serbia and the Western Balkans. for the Center for Financial Studies (CFS) and.

Tweet0Share0Mail0Add0By Dr. Christian Costamagna* editor’s note: this article is a modified and condensed version of a lengthy study published by.

Its neighbours in the western Balkans are doing less well. They, and Slovenia, make a study in contrasts. The Habsburg heritage helped Slovenia manage its transition well, though the empire had passed almost out of living memory by.

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Slobodan Milosevic, the so-called Butcher of the Balkans, had managed to cling to power despite. director of the.

Defining ethnic identity in hellenic Macedonia. Remarks on: Anastasia Karakasidou,“Politicizing culture: Negating ethnic identity in Greek Macedonia”. BC Gounaris. Balkan studies 34 (2), 309-314, 1993. 6, 1993. Reassessing Wheat Crises in Eighteenth-Century Thessaloniki. BC Gounaris. The Historical Review/ La Revue.

The contribution of Muhamed Nezirovic´ to Sephardic studies represents an indispensable resource. he is completing a volume on Jewish-Muslim relations in the western Balkans. The Forward’s independent journalism depends on.

according to a September study by the Washington-based International Republican Institute’s Center for Insights. The European Union is getting concerned by the.

We now know the British role in sabotaging that 1992 effort, which included orchestrating the collapse of Yugoslavia, which led to the subsequent Balkan wars. of the Center for Global and Strategic Studies of the Russian Academy of.

Use This Database. Multi-disciplinary database from Ebsco containing full text for nearly 8,500 publications, including more than 7,300 peer-reviewed publications.

OverviewThe MA in Slavic and East European Studies is an interdisciplinary, Central Asian Studies Balkan Studies Gender Studies in Eastern Europe. 0.

Located in southeastern Europe on the western section of the Balkan Peninsula, Albania shares a border with. She later met Redian Celaj, and the two later.

This program will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and experience the full mosaic of Greek culture. Become an active participant in the Greek community and learn about this complex country through experience – from its prominent international position at the forefront of global issues such as migration and.

Several Iranian and Serbian scholars and officials attended the seminar which was held by Iran’s cultural attaché’s office in Belgrade. At the ceremony, Chancellor of the university Nusret Nicevic spoke briefly on the process of the.

Softmouth trout – Salmo obtusirostris. The softmouth trout is endemic to the Adriatic river system of the western Balkans and was first described.

VIENNA, AUSTRIA – Balkans war veteran Tomislav Simunic doodles cartoons filled with images of death and dismemberment. Olja Cerincevic wakes up with night sweats, convinced that her son never made it home — but he did.

Study Abroad in Greece with Arcadia on a variety of programs in Athens, including internship options.

B. Balkan Studies · Book Publishing · Bulgarian and Eastern Language · Bulgarian Language and Geography · Bulgarian Language and History · Bulgarian Studies.

Post-Structuralism and Politics: towards Postmodern Balkan Studies. Postmodern Openings, 6(2), 15-31.Doi: Postmodern Openings. 2015, Volume 6, Issue 2, December, pp. 15-31. Post- Structuralism and Politics: towards Postmodern Balkan. Studies. Sanja LAZAREVIĆ RADAK.

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East European Studies. – Master´s programs. Institute for East European Studies. Contact. Dominik Sonnleitner. Address. Garystr. 55 14195 Berlin. Telephone. +49 30 838 65352. Email. [email protected] Homepage. Institute for East- European Studies: Study Offerings · Online-Studienfachwahl-Assistent (in.

. grants-in-aid, research assistantships, and teaching assistantships, as well as Title VI Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) fellowships, and BPS fellowships (for BPS-affiliated student only). Individual fellowships and grants for graduate students focussing on Hungarian, Polish, or Balkan studies are also available.

Scholarships for master's studies and research in Sweden for citizens for the Western Balkans.

Balkan Romani is a specific dialect, spoken by groups within the Balkans, which include countries such as Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Greece, Macedonia.

Research Team Marko Savic, Programme Director, Project Manager Marina Zivic, Executive Director, Research.